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Pat Hatt: A Man, A Cat, and a Rhyme

Welcome Pat Hatt to Everyone's Story! I met Pat on Twitter when I was transported away from my everyday life of frenzy and concerns to a land of fun: cats, mischief, suspended belief . . . what more can a gal want? Okay, lots more, but for now I want to have some fun and invite you to enjoy as well. Pat has an amazing talent that I want to showcase for you this week--he creates these awesome rhymes, as you will see. A man of many talents, he also writes children's books and adult fiction full of mixed genres and plenty of fun stuff like blends of sci-fi, zombies, and romance.

Pat looks forward to hearing from you, whether you'd like to try a rhyme or just say a hi.

A Special Rhyme For Everyone's Story by Pat Hatt

A long, long time ago, as Elaine is far, far ahead in scheduled posts at her show, she asked the cat to pay a visit to her blog mat. The cat could not refuse another chance to confuse. So here he is once more spreading his rhymes from Elaine's shore. But I hear it is more G, so the cat will have to tone it down a notch so none will flee. I am a guest after all and so I will give more of an inspirational cat call.

Time for an inspirational embrace.
Bringing forth feelings of Amazing Grace.
I hear it is a sweet sound.
Unless of course you sound like a hound.

But if one can't carry a tune in a bucket.
Don't bother to duck it.
Just hand out ear plugs,
Or complementary coffee mugs.

That will bring an Oh Happy Day.
Could even throw is some sway.
Just don't throw a hip.
For a curse certainly could slip.

That would break the G,
Which won't be done by little old me.
For with a simple task,
One can pull back the mask.

Revealing there is another way,
One just has to de-focus their display.
Opening their sight,
Bringing forth day from night.

Then like a simple breeze,
Or the cat's ridding himself of fleas,
The discouraging things will fly,
Leaving you with clear sky.

Of course you could visit a bay,
Or go Down To The River To Pray.
But only if you're able to swim,
Otherwise falling in would be grim.

But as a whole,
Don't hold yourself in parole.
Free your caged soul,
And go for that goal.

Now the cat has to go get something to eat or open the fridge for a tasty treat. So I will turn it over to Pat, who can't really rhyme like that cat. So thanks for reading each lad and lass. Now I bid adieu to all with my little rhyming ummm bum.

An Interview With Pat:

Pat, I am so happy that I connected to your blog It's Rhyme Time. You live in Nova Scotia and adore cats, two things I love. Your rhymes are light (well, sometimes with a serious point but still, tone wise, full of fun) and adventurous. But, you have a serious side as well, as seen in your NOT SO series. Would you describe your novels as speculative, adventure, sci-fi, or a hybrid? Please tell us about these books.

Yeah, sometimes it takes a step back to see what a wonderful place this part of the world is, but so are many. Even though there is not a whole lot going on, it's a great place to settle in. Always loved cats and the my blog came about because of the antics of my Savannah Cat, Orlin, i.e. the cat. He has quite the personality and that is what I captured from the start. My other cat, Cassie, is more prissy but boded to me like no other. That said, I am both person, as I like dogs too, just can't have them in a crummy apartment.

The rhymes can pretty much be anything, as I hold nothing back and will rant or just poke fun at almost anything. Almost always is a more humorous tone though, no sense on dwelling on things too harshly as that will just cause one not to enjoy life. But all I need is one word and away the rhymes will flow. That is, I mean all that the cat needs.

As for the NOT SO series of books, I have 12 planned for that series and all are written in my head, just need to be able to get them down. I find it hard to really classify them though as I'm a big movie buff, so I have many ideas across all genres and work them in. The only thing that remains in pretty much everything I do is the humor. The books go from action, adventure, romance and sci-fi. I've also worked in my own version of vampires, zombies and all the other creepy crawlies. And there is always a plan, even my most subtle remark in one book can lead to a whole issue in another book. I adapt to the changes as the characters take over, but the main story will not change from beginning to end. Always have an ending in mind for sure is what I stick with, unlike say umm Lost. 

You also write children's books. Please share.

Children's books come naturally to me. I guess that probably is because I am a tad childish most times. But within a few hours I can have one done with ease. I just can't draw, but have found others who can. I have six out now. More in the pipeline.

As for how I write them, I always try to write them so everyone can enjoy
them. I find that balance is when the moral of the story is there, but it is not shoved down the reader’s throat. Also I take into account parents are going to be reading them a lot of the time, so I write them so adults can enjoy the stories too. At the same time I don’t dumb them down, like so many cartoons or kids books of today, because there has to be a sense of wonder there. Just force feeding kids a tale from point A to point B isn’t something I go for. I find that boring and like having kids think a bit. So they are pretty relatable to most any reader. Plus I have my little bit of humor mixed in, enough that kids and parents can get a laugh without being off color, like the blog sometimes can be. For instance the bush with the tush in The Bizarre Superstar book. Basically, just little things that are fun and spur the imagination.

What endeavors do you and your cats, Orlin and Cassie, hope to achieve in the near future?

Well, it would be nice if Pat Hatt could rival Dr. Seuss quit the work grind, and just write, staying home with Orlin and Cassie. But until then, Pat just plans on plugging away each and every day. The cat, Orlin just plans on rhyming about whatever comes to mind and wiggling his little rhyming behind. Plus, he'll probably continue to chew toilet paper, splash around in the bathtub (yes he likes water), open cupboards, doors, the fridge, meow his head off all day and knock over everything in sight. While Cassie will rule the roost and keep everyone in line day and night. Life's adventures will continue to ensue and we're all sure much more will come due.


Authors Bios:

Pat Hatt can be found in the East Coast of Canada. He dabbles in a little of this and a little of that, not afraid to
attempt the new. He is owned by two cats, one of whom has his own bog, It's Rhyme Time. Yeah, a rhyming cat, who knew? He is also quite the movie and TV buff. As you can probably tell he does not take himself seriously and has more stuff in his head than is needed.

Orlin, the cat, and host of the blog It's Rhyme Time

 Cassie, the peacekeeper between Pat & Orlin


Pat can be found on the web at:


  1. Thanks for having the cat
    And even that human, Pat
    Here at your blog mat
    Even showing me off in my old hat
    But I still rule the world at my sea
    Giving all the odd flea

    1. You're welcome for the guest slot,
      Hope your commenters sip a coffee, chug a cider, pull up a cot
      'Cause I think it will be a fun week,
      Hoping to get many peeks.

    2. Many will surely come
      I'll be sure and send them over and then some

  2. Oh my gosh this was a funny post. Love the cats and the writer is ok too :)

    1. Always a pleasure to see you,
      You chase away any blue!

    2. Pfft the human is out to lunch
      He just feeds the cat brunch
      As the cat rules all
      At every single hall

    3. Stop you must
      For I am about to bust
      Silly cats
      Go take a nap.

    4. The cat will never sleep
      Rhyming at my keep
      All the day long
      And do so here just as strong

  3. Pat is an awesome with lot of talent and energy and he is funny. I wish I could be like Pat, I don't think I would be able to in million years. We feel lucky to know pat, I am waiting with fingers crossed for him to takeover Seuss soon. All the best pat :)

    1. Be so fun to takeover Seuss
      With my little rhyming caboose
      Then I'd be rich
      And work I could ditch

    2. Thanks for stopping by today,
      Pat and cat get a hip, hip, hooray!

  4. Pat is quite an extraordinary guy and has made a difference in my blogging life. So much fun I've had at his bay over the past year and the way his mind works is fascinating to say the least.

    1. Pffft plugging Pat and not the cat
      I guess I'll have to send some fat
      From you know who
      Can't say that here as it is G in it's view hahaha

    2. Anne, thanks for your visit,
      Wouldn't have missed it.

      Okay. Bad... but Pat & Orlin are the ones who rock with this!

  5. ha quitting work to write books...that is the dream pat...pat is a great guy, and def has the dr seuss eye

  6. Welcome Brian to my blog,
    You've definitely helped to remove the morning fog!

  7. Yes the Gawker strolled over to your blog
    He can gawk quite well through the fog given off by a bog or smog or even a dog

    1. Dogs you say?
      I thought cats are the ones who rock.
      Okay, pooches too can enter the fray.

    2. They are okay
      Until they go all butt sniffer at one's bay haha

  8. Two rhymes in one day, dude! Cool! Enjoyed reading about you. I still can't figure out how you manage to write so much! Pretty awesome!

    1. Sherry, Sherry, welcome to Everyone's Story,
      Where writers and readers are welcome--
      Even your pet lory!

    2. haha the cat just writes a ton
      He has no life under his sun haha

  9. Well..your blog is really and ...Pat lol

  10. I wanna say your blog is really nice:)

    1. Gloria, from Chile, welcome to Everyone's Story. I'm glad you enjoy Pat, and of course, the cat! Thanks for the sweet compliment.

    2. Pat is Pat
      So is the cat
      You're just mad
      Because all isn't rad
      Having been buried in the sand
      Over at my land hahaha

  11. Pat--double rats--it's time to say bye,
    I may just cry.
    It's been a fun week,
    For all the fit and the meek.
    Hope you'll guest again,
    You and your cats score a ten!

    May you, your rhyming cats, and all your loyal friends be blessed,



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