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Lilly Maytree: Taking A Leap Of Faith

Everyone's Story is pleased to have author Lilly Maytree as its new guest this week. Lilly's story is truly an inspirational one: taking a chance on the what ifs in life and testing out a dream to see if it's one's destiny. Lilly reflects on this through the eyes of Megan Jennings, one of her characters in her novel GOLD TRAP who took such a chance.

Check out the YouTube video to see what happened when Lilly dared to live out one of her dreams.

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Lilly is offering one e-book version to one commenter of GOLD TRAP an one e-book version of HOME BEFORE DARK to another commenter. The winners will be chosen by The Captain and be announced next Friday on November 9th between 4-5 EST. Please leave a comment for Lilly, and include your email address within the body of the comment. Thanks!                

A Few Thoughts on Destiny by Lilly Maytree
One of the most common practices of an author thinking up stories is the exercise of "what if." Take Megan Jennings, for instance. I knew she would be someone dissatisfied with the hum-drum of her own daily life, even though she was a good person, and a good teacher, having a good effect on many  students. Other than a few quirks in her personality, she should have been content. Except for a secret dream, and the niggling thought there might be something else for her somewhere.
I think a lot of us feel that way. We do, but then we continue faithfully in our own good (or not so good) lives, until the opportunities for doing anything different are long gone. In fact, we seldom want to, anymore. But I said to myself, "What if this Megan Jennings decided (rather secretly) to give one of her dreams a try? Just toss a sort of 'hello' out into the netherworld, to see if there was really anything  there?"
I thought how she could make a little “leap of faith” to see what happened. Be back before the end of Christmas holiday, so that if she failed, she would be the only one to know. Which wouldn't take a lot of faith, really. But if it only takes a smidge of the stuff to move mountains, she could certainly muster up enough to experiment with.
What came of all this "what-iffing," on my part, was a book. Which was what I expected, and what I originnally set out to do. What I didn't expect, was the effect Meg's thinking began to have on my own life. Like maybe I could make one of those little experiments, myself. Who would even know? I mean... WHAT IF?
I love writing adventure stories. Especially when I am safe and snug in my own little study, far away from the dangers and deceptions that rule such territories as real adventurers have to go through. Oh, how bold I can be walking in Meg's shoes, through jungles, or paddling down rivers, while I have a nice fire crackling in my woodstove, and a fresh batch of cookies in the oven that will be ready in time for tea.
Except somewhere along the line, her world began to look a little better than mine. I started to admire her for having the courage to leap out. To tell you the truth, there were occasions I actually forgot I invented her in the first place. There might even have been a bit of envy. Then came the usual let-down when a book is finally finished. She was her own person, now, and didn't need me anymore. In fact, nobody seemed to need me, so I...

Took a little "leap of faith," of my own.

One that landed me smack in the reality of my own lifelong dream of adventure. It's true. And while living aboard a "go-anywhere-in-the-world" sailboat, might not be everyone's idea of a dream, it's definitely mine. Waking up to the call of seagulls, the gentle rocking of the sea, and the muffled chugs of engines as boats go in and out of this little waterfront marina, has actually expanded my creativity. I didn't even have to give up cookie-baking. But the biggest surpirse of my experiment was to find out my dream was more than just a figment of my imagination. It was a real place, somewhere.
What if all dreams are like that?
What if those heart whispers you hear snatches of at the end of a trying day, or just before drifting off to sleep, are calling out as much for you to fullfil them, as they could fullfil you? A real place that might be found through the simple door of one tiny "leap of faith.” What if there is a place like that for everybody? Something we may have even been MADE FOR?
"For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the Lord... thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an EXPECTED end..." Jerimiah 29:11
Viewers, let's chat: What are your what ifs?

Author Bio:
Lilly Maytree is an inspirational adventure novelist, who is the author of GOLD TRAP, and HOME BEFORE DARK. She is, at this very moment, living out her dreams aboard the sailing vessel Glory B. You can follow her adventures by visiting her Armchair Traveler's Portal

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  1. Wow that sounds like fun
    Sailing to each place under the sun
    All the sights you must see
    That sounds like fun to me
    Of course when it comes to the cat
    He would not like that
    Too much water for him
    Things could turn grim
    But traveling around
    Where such adventures are found
    Would surely be fun
    Sure you will have a ton

    1. Hey Pat, you're back. So happy for that!

    2. My goodness, Pat, that is about the most thoughtful comment I ever came across, as it must have taken more than a bit of time to think up. Thank you! Sailing is a lot of fun, and I must say I've seen quite a few "ship's cats" on boats over the years. So, if you ever get the hankering to do a bit of adventuring yourself, the cat may work out just fine. Should probably have a good backup plan, though... yes, indeed!

  2. Elaine, thank you so much for letting me come by and visit with you and your readers, this week, about my favorite subjects. One thing I've learned about making "leaps of faith," is it's a grand adventure where ever you land!

    1. It's a pleasure to host you, Lilly. I admire your strong, positive attitude.

  3. I love "what if" when it leads me to a story to create. That question is an author's friend.

    1. You have that right, Caroline! Nice to see you again ♡

    2. I have to admit it was certainly one of the best questions I ever asked myself, as well. Nice to meet you, Caroline!

  4. Lilly, what a delightful week it's been hosting you on Everyone's Story. With Hurricane Sandy hitting here in the Northeast, followed by a taste of winter the other day, I think you encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams, if not to jump in a boat and head for some place warm and romantic. Thanks for the inspiration.

    And thanks for the fab book giveaways:
    The winners, Caroline and Pat, will be hearing directly from us shortly.

    Blessings to you, Lilly, and to all my viewers,


  5. It's been a pleasure, Elaine... and here's wishing all those who ask themselves "what if," the courage to follow their dreams!


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