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Naomi Musch: What Bonds Pre-Published Writers And Authors

Everyone's Story welcomes back author and writer-encourager Naomi Musch. Take one look at Naomi's Tweets and you'll see why she's a writer's joy. I'm glad she's back, because Naomi goes beyond uplifting a writer's hopes by daring us all to believe in what we strive in doing and that's such an awesome plus these days! Check out Naomi's BookGiveaway and venture into Young Adult-New Adult fiction. And see what message she has to share this week. We're both looking forward to visiting with you.

Book Giveaway:
Naomi is offering one e-version of her YA/NA novel TREVELYAN to one randomly chosen commenter. The winner will be announced here on Friday, August 8th, between 5-6 PM EST. To be entered in the Giveaway, please leave your contact information within your comment. Thanks!

Blurb for TREVELYAN:
Five men and two eleven princes have embarked upon a quest: to save a sister from the wasteland of the Great Winter where she is held in the clutches of a Monster Lord who all believe brought desecration and ruin to the once glorious kingdom of Trevelyan. It is a land where hideous creatures and madness prey upon the careless, a land where faerie magic has taken an evil turn. For fifty years, no man or ally of men has been safe beyond the Cranreuch Plain.

Until Belle's choice leads them all to discover the truth.

Now rescuing her might come at a cost no one expects -- and from an evil no one but a princely beast and the faeries of Evensong ever anticipated.

Only Brave Writers Need Ride by Naomi Musch

To market, to market, to learn how to write.
Home again home again, writing all night.

To market, to market, to book contests run.
Home again home again, sure wish I'd won!

To market, to market, to proof read and edit.
Home again home again -- the publisher read it!

To market, to market: See my pretty new book?
Home again, home again, to my writing nook.

That little rhyme expresses almost every writer's up and down excursion as we pursue our dreams of authorship. We study. We attend conferences. Craft! Craft! Craft! We're told to never stop learning it. There in the trenches we write, inching our way up to the heights. With trepidation we hand over our work to others for their critique.

It really can feel like we're screaming down an incline, almost puking while we wonder what the beta readers, the critique group, the contest judges will say. Then we rewrite. We catch our breaths and try again. Finally we submit to a publisher or hire an editor. We throw our hands into the air and let go.

In the end, we hopefully garner a publishing contract or cleanly edited manuscript ready for the final journey. A smooth finish, right? When we finally think we've arrived, the marketing begins. One last climb and plunge. It's hard, uncertain work getting our shiny new book out there in the public eye. In fact, it's exhausting even while it's exhilarating. Yet, once we ride the writers' roller coaster to the finish, we find we're ready to do it all over again, so we go back to the keyboard and buckle in.

What part of that ride are you on right now? Are you just beginning to learn the craft, or are you a veteran author looping between marketing finished work and making new submissions? Do you have insights to share? I find that I'm usually in several places at once, always trying to learn more about the craft, constantly searching for new venues and sets of eyes to have a look at my work, teetering around the precarious turns of marketing my published work, and always, always writing something else.

Wherever you are, stay with it! Many people say they're going to write a novel, but most of them don't finish what they start (if they start). Everyone has ideas, but not everyone is brave enough to move them forward. Yes, it's grueling sometimes, but I hope you hang in there. In the end, it's a thrill ride. The finish might be more gentle and quiet than a giant whoosh! Your book might not shake the foundations of the publishing world, but you'll get closure. You'll have great joy every time your inner voice cheers, I did it! Some will love your work and become fans. Yes, and strangely enough, you'll probably decide to get back on the track and do it all again.

Godspeed on your ride. Keep going. Be brave!

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Naomi's Ah-hahs To Tweet:
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Author's Bio and Places To Connect:

Naomi writes from the pristine north woods of Wisconsin, where she and husband Jeff live as epically as God allows on a ramshackle farm where they spend quality time with their children and grandchildren. Amidst it, she writes novels about imperfect people who are finding hope and faith to overcome their struggles.
In non-fiction venues, Naomi spent five years as a staff writer for the EPA award-winning Midwestern Christian newspaper, Living Stones News, telling true-life stories of changed lives. She has also written dozens of magazine and internet articles for the purpose of encouraging homeschooling families and young writer, and she is currently serving on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Writers' Association.
She invites readers to say hello and find out more about her books, passions, and other writing venues at or to look her up on Facebook (Naomi Musch - Author) and Twitter (NMusch).

Places to purchase TREVELYAN:


  1. What do you meant, grandchildren??!! You can't have grandchildren! Love the interview! Agree learning the craft is so important, and it is like riding a roller coaster.

    1. Oh, you should see Naomi's adorable grandkids :)

    2. LOL. Ditto that! Great interview.

    3. Hi, Mary. And I can certainly relate to Naomi's being in several places at once in the midst of writing.

  2. Awe! What nice things you've said about me, Elaine. It's always a joy to be here. Thanks, ladies, for dropping by! (Yeah... my grand-babies are pretty adorable, I must say.)

  3. ALL of your work is good. I'm amazed and impressed by your output and wish you well as you keep on keeping on!

    1. Hi, Delores. I'm so happy that you visited today. Kind words you've shared for Naomi. Hope to see you again.

    2. Thank, Naomi, for another great week. You always manage to share helpful and encouraging information for the writer and I truly appreciate it. It's so exciting that you're venturing into YA/NA fiction and I pray that you bless many hearts.

      Thanks too for the book giveaway of Trevelyan.

      And the winner is…

      Delores! Congratulaitons, Delores. Both Naomi and I will contact you in direct emails.

      Hope to see everyone again.



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