Friday, July 8, 2011

Relocating--And God Came Along

My guest today is soon-to-be debut author Linda Rondeau. She's just contracted her first novel with Harbourlights. A former New Yorker, I know Linda from our membership of the Northeast chapter of ACFW. In addition to NY running wild in our blood, Linda and I have several things in common, such as our joys of writing, blogging, the theater, and traveling solo. Please join Linda this week--she'd enjoy hearing from others who may have also relocated, either by choice or by necessity.

Five Things I Learned about Transitioning 

Due to pressing health concerns, on February 8 at 9:00am I packed up what I could in my car, left Northern New York and relocated to Northern Florida, ahead of my hubby who cannot retire until June 2012, leaving one life behind and transitioning to a new one.  I suppose what I’ve endured over the last several months is nothing compared to the hardships the Israelites faced in the desert. Yet, God in His wonderful wisdom has determined I needed to revisit some of those hard lessons. 

Prayer Should Stem From Faith Not Doubt

God miraculously provided a job for me. But when the hours were lean, I panicked. “Lord, if you want me to work here, I have to have more hours.” God sent me hours like quail for the Israelites…to the point my feet and back are saying, “No more, please.” God reminded me that I had prayed from disbelief not faith. I am learning to trust him more and complain less. 

He Sends Help In The Crisis

Leading a million people across a desert certainly brought its share of challenges. God provided wisdom through Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law. Having never seen roaches before, I cried when I saw those gigantic bugs in my apartment. I cried to the Lord. He didn’t kill them, but he sent me a neighbor with Boric Acid. I haven’t seen a one since.  I learned that God doesn’t always solve the problem for us but will lead us to the source of wisdom. 

Through The Fire

Florida recently suffered a swathe of wildfires in and around Jacksonville. The sky was thick with smoke and the air hot and dusty. Folks prayed for rain. They came, pounding and fearsome, but they cleansed.  I learned He will send the rain and cleanse my insecurities as long as I rest in Him.  

Transitioning Is Hard

I understand why the Israelites wanted to turn back to Egypt. Life, though hard, was predictable. The desert brings new challenges every day, and my promised land, when hubby and I will be reunited, seems so far away. I have learned God knows my tomorrows and is already preparing me for them.

The Cloud And Fire

The most important lesson I have learned is to trust God’s guidance. He promised the Israelites a constant presence, though they complained and turned away from Him. He breathes His spirit into my mornings and sings His lullaby of love to me at night. I have learned how precious to be the child of my Abba Father. 

Bio for Linda Rondeau:

Linda is the founder and manager of an on-line writers support group, Pentalk Community. When not writing, Linda enjoys golfing, hiking, and Community Theater.  Linda’s works have appeared on-line and in short printed media as well as a recurring column she contributes to her hometown newspaper. She manages two blogs,  This Daily Grind and Back in the Daze.  Linda has recently contracted her first novel with Harbourlights, an imprint of Pelican Book Groups, release date to be announced.  More writing samples may be seen on her website, You may follow Linda on facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. Profound thought: Prayer should stem from faith, not doubt. I think God will hear our prayers no matter what, but I feel challenged to pray more from an "I believe you know what you're doing, God" posture than a "Have you lost track of me down here, God?" posture.

    1. I agree with you. Yes, God is truly in charge of everything. I have also been on tough situations with almost committing suicide but thank God He never gave up on me. Today, I have come this far because it is really God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Thanks for posting, I was encouraged.

    2. Hi Mor, and welcome to Everyone's Story. So glad you found this little corner of cyber space. Your comment truly touched me because I too have been through a lot of rough spots. Actually, the more I talk to others the more I discover that we're not alone. The one powerful source of hope that I've clung to through the years, the one lifesaver that has never failed me, is our loving God. Our Lord and Savior loves us and wants the best for us. Please keep holding His hand.

      I've just prayed for you, and will keep you in my prayers.

  2. I agree, Beth. I believe that God truly hears all of our prayers. Yet, I started to see a difference in my life when I started to not only pray to God but believe that He would answer. For instance, when my community fought a mining company from ripping up twin hills I prayed and believed for His mercy and although I admit it was difficult, I prayed for His will to be done, whether for the mining company to win or lose. I prayed not for a mountain to be moved but actually to stay put ☺ God graciously kept his beautiful landscape intact.


  3. is a challenge to pray from Faith rather than our circumstances but the rewards are peace, joy and abundant living now even in the desert while we wait for the promised land. God bless you. I'll pray for your increased faith. Linda Rondeau.

    Elaine...just like Elijah!A prayer of faith not only removes the mountains but keeps them preserved!

  4. LInda, you just made me smile. Heartfelt thanks.


  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    Due to a "glitch" I'm posting this comment for Sara Goff:

    I admire your determined spirit, Linda. How did you go about meeting new friends in Florida?

  6. I'm still working on that. I have made friends with a couple of neighbors...just stopping to chat while I checked the mail. I also am enjoying my brother's church. It takes time to build relationships, but it is time well spent.

  7. Oh, Linda--you just spoke a huge truth: it takes a lot of time to build relationships! What I'm discovering is that sometimes God wants us to have "acquaintances" while other times He wants us to have long-lasting, deep friendships. You know--different seasons of life.


  8. Thank you so much, Linda, for guest appearing on my blog. I thought your subject was quite deep and poignant and hope it touched many lives as it had mine.

    Blessings in your new journey, health, your reunion with your husband, and your writing career.

    ♥ Elaine


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