Happy Giveaway Winners

P.T. Bradley aka Patricia Bradley enjoying Erin Healy's novel AFLOAT.
Check out Pat's website.

Jennifer Slattery won Mark Gilroy's novels EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE AND CUTS LIKE A KNIFE. Here's a series of photos, this one with Kelly Klepfer (right) and a cafe barista (left).

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Jennifer Slattery:

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Jennifer Slattery:

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Jennifer Slattery:

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Loran Kopp (Faith) won ANESSIA'S QUEST by Karen Arnpriester.

I love Lorna's blog Surfing For Shoes. Go visit!

Lorna also won Karen Arnpriester's RAIDER'S VENDETTA, and as e-books, Lorna is conveniently enjoying them.

Here's a beautiful photo of Ann Ellison who won Fay Lamb's novel STALKING WILLOW. Ann says this about Fay's novel: "I read it in one setting this afternoon because I couldn't put it down. I loved it." Now, that's a really happy reader! And I'm a really happy blogger to know that Ann is happy ♡

Meet another happy winner, the lovely Pat Dyer. For leaving a comment on Susan Diane Johnson's blog segment, Pat won Susan's novel NO SUBSTITUTE. Pat is an awesome blog, Ramblings of a Crowded Mind, where she posts book reviews. Please visit!

And here's... Rhonda. Rhonda Ritenour won Laura Popp's 
(L.J. Popp) novel TREASURE TRAITOR for leaving a comment on Everyone's Story. Rhonda share a great story:  the same day Rhonda received the Giveaway novel that Laura had autographed using a vintage rose colored ink fountain pen, Rhonda had also receive an antique ink well. Now, there's a great showing of how creative minds are in sync with each other! Visit with Rhonda on her blog, Ritty's Adventures in Writing.

I love Susan Barnes' smile, don't you? Susan won Paula Vince's novel BEST FORGOTTEN. Susan lives in New South Wales and is a writer of inspirational articles, book reviews, and devotions. Please visit her on her website or her blog, ABookLook.

Bob won Ed Chevrette's book WINGS OF FORTUNE and says:

"Enjoyed Wings of Fortune by E.A. Chevrette, Jr. , an interesting and educational nonfiction aviation book, which could be sub-titled "The Joy of Flying". The book starts out with my favorite plane, the yellow J-3 Piper Cub, at a local airport; and continues
to be a great read right to the end. This was featured on Elaine's popular and important blog Everyone's Story, and I would like to thank both E.A. and Elaine for the opportunity to read it." Bob--you are most welcome! I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

And look who has won author Candace Calvert's novel RESCUE TEAM--a very satisfied Kay Moorhouse!

Look who won author Wanda S. Maxey's true-life book LOVE AND ABUSE ON 40 ACRES: Debra Allard!
I'd say Debra appears very pleased, which makes me quite happy for her (and for Wanda!). Debra writes children's literature and blogs on ways parents and grandparents may offer entertainment to children. I hope you will visit Debra's Enjoying Kids.

I'm so excited to share the new photo additions sent in by Diana Parson who won Rhonda Rhea's ESPRESSO YOUR FAITH. Seems like a perfect fit since Diana loves to collect espresso mugs, plus chooses to "live life with honor, with humor, with joy. I deliberately choose to give glory to God." These thoughts were also shared by Rhonda when she appeared on Everyone's Story. When you have a chance, please visit Diana on her lovely blog Right Here… Right Now… Glory Be!

And here's Ann Ellison once again, happy with Barbara Waite's book, VERY LOVINGLY YOURS, ELSIE. Ann says: "thanks again for your blog and the opportunity to win some wonderful books." I love my blog viewers! I love my blog guests! Both have enriched and blessed my life in ways I never even dreamed was possible before I started blogging, teaching me truly that all things are possible with God.

Cathy Horning looks very happy in winning Pam Thorson's moving book OUT FROM THE SHADOWS. Cathy is also a writer and speaker and you can visit her on her website Cathy Horning

Diana Cosby shares a bit of whimsy in this photo she sent of THE LAST DETAIL by author Lisa Lickel. Diana won Lisa's Giveaway novel on Everyone's Story, devoured it, and is now turning around and donating it to a Midwest community whose library was impacted by a tornado. May Diana's loving and generous heart always be blessed. Diana is an international best-selling author. Please visit her website.

The very sweet and supportive Ann Ellison won author Connie Almony's Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Ann is about to purchase Connie's novella AT THE EDGE OF A DARK FOREST and says "Thanks again for the give-aways. I have been blessed by them." And I have been blessed with Ann's visits!

Kathleen Rouser appears very delighted to have won author Ace Collins' BookGiveaway of THE COLOR OF JUSTICE. She says: "Looking forward to reading his book. I am pleased to have won." Please visit Kathleen on her website, Writing, Whimsy & Devotion.
My friend, and most happy Giveaway winner, Wilani Wahl, makes me smile with her smile! Wilani won Julie Lessman's novel SURPRISE BY LOVE. Wilani, may you be blessed with many more novels that touch your heart.

Patti Shene is delighted to have won Braxton DeGarmo's novel INDEBTED. The novel will be a constant companion particularly over the next several days--perfect timing for this happy reader! You can visit Patti at her website where she hosts 3 blogs, plus there's a link to her radio show Lit(really) Speaking.

Look who won Edie Melson's Giveaway of CONNECTIONS: Social Media and Networking Techniques For Writers. Sarah Lynn Phillips says she's "so grateful to have this resource." You can visit Sarah at her blog Penned Without Ink.
Author Susan J. Reinhardt won Patty Wysong's BookGiveaway offer of Jeff Goins' book THE IN-BETWEEN. Susan says "I loved Patty's choice of Jeff Goins' book, The In Between, for the giveaway. I've read some of his work in the past, and marveled at the simple wisdom it contains. Thank you, Elaine, for having her on your blog, and Patty for your delightful giveaway."

And I'm thankful that Susan visited Patty's segment! You can find Susan on her website.

Look who won Alexis A. Goring's Giveaway of her short story collection, HOPE IN MY HEART: JoAnn Durgin! Cuddled up with JoAnn is her first precious grandchild. Can you saw awwwwww? You can visit with JoAnn at her website.

Patricia Bradley, and company, enjoying spring weather and the BookGiveaway of Sigrid MacRae's A WORLD ELSEWHERE. Visit with Patricia on Where Love and Faith Cross Paths with Murder.

Sandra Allen Lovelace says she's gotten "really gobsmacked" while enjoying Laura Hodges Poole's Giveaway of her devotional WHILE I'M WAITING. Check out Sandra's blog Sandra Allen Lovelace.

Myrna Folkert is smiling big time with her BookGiveaway win of The Writing Sisters, Betsy Duffy and Laurie Myers, novel THE SHEPHERD'S SONG. Myrna says "Thank you Betsy and Laurie for the wonderful book!" You can visit with Myrna on her blog where she writes inspirational stories called "Tablet of Your Heart."

Looks like both Karen Wingate and company are delighted to have won April McGowan's novel, MACY! Visit writer and Grace On Parade blogger Karen on her website.

One of my favorite regular blog viewers, Ann Ellison, with her BookGiveaway win of Sara Goff's I ALWAYS CRY AT WEDDINGS. Ann says: "Thanks so much again for your blog and giveaways." And I thank you, Ann, for giving me one wonderful reason to keep hosting my guests! Keep on reading!

Here's the lovely AnnaLee Conti, author of wonderfully told stories set in Alaska (do check out her website!) with her Giveaway prize of Lillian Duncan's DEADLY INTENT. I love her smile!

Cindy Hansberry was one of the winners of Ace Collins' generous BookGiveaway of Hollywood Lost and The Fruitcake Murders. Cindy shares "Wow! I'm so excited to add these books to my library! Plus, Ace has been "instrumental" in encouraging Cindy with her writing that she's begun a blog. Please visit Cindy at Yesterday To Forever. Isn't this wonderful? I love this kind of personal connection that happens here on Everyone's Story.

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