Friday, January 13, 2012

My Friend Diane

Diane at age 14 (left) and Elaine (right) at age 15

Today is January 13th. To be more specific, it's Friday the 13th. This isn't a blog segment on superstition, though that could be fodder for a story since my mother had died on a Friday the 13th).
Rather, this is a tribute to my childhood friend, Diane Kamm (Freidman) who passed away January 13th, 2008 after a thirteen-year-old battle against Stage 4 breast cancer. She lived long enough to see her only child graduate from high school.

Diane slipped into eternal rest the day before her 46th birthday. 
A kindergarten teacher, a talented cellist, she was a loving mom, a wife, and for the majority of my life, the closest I've had to having a sister.

Born into a Jewish family, she embraced Buddhism the last few years of her life. I pray the One, All Loving God, will one day unite Diane and me so I can hear her wild laughter and see her mile-wide smile again. I pray that no matter what we here on Earth believe that we all will live, in peace and love, in eternity.

Diane, my friend, may you be enjoying the sights of heaven and playing a beautiful hymn for our Lord, making Him smile, as you have done for me. May God bless you and love you always.

Diane Kamm Freidman

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