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T.K. Ware: Everyone Is A Precious Jewel

Everyone's Story welcomes author T.K. Ware. Every now and then I meet someone very special when I'm not actively looking, and I know I was meant to not only happen across this person but to introduce him or her to others. It's my great pleasure to share T.K. to my viewing audience because T.K. openly encourages one in faith and writing and in these days, that's hard to come by. Please take a moment to read his uplifting words and say a hello. Do check out his Giveaway offer as well. We're both looking forward to hearing from you.

T.K. is offering any 1 copy of 1 of his novels or devotionals to 1 randomly drawn commenter. The winner will be announced here on Friday, December 5th between 5-6 PM EST. To be entered in the Giveaway, please leave your contact information within your comment

Moment of Epiphany by T.K. Ware

You are uniquely created for a particular purpose. Every day we have an opportunity to live in blessedness. Many people are in pursuit of a superficial form of success. Success is more than the accumulation of material substance. Some people assume that the possession of millions will solidify their effort and substantiate their pursuit of success. Yes, money will render you a level of success, but success begins the moment you step out in faith.

We oftentimes minimize the small things we've accomplished and seek for a more glorious achievement. There are no insignificant achievements. But rather collectively they are the steps of your success. Buried deep within everyone is a previous jewel. A jewel that is unique and differs from everyone. That jewel is your gift. Your gift has the potential to unlock doors and to provide avenues of opportunity.

It’s unfair to measure your level of success based on another person’s possessions. Instead of watching other people walk through the door of success, get up off your hind part and walk through “YOUR” own door of success. This is more of a mental act than physical movement. Everything originates with thought. Everyone has a measure of creativity lingering inside, waiting to be accessed. The moment you believe in yourself, the spark is lit.

Some of the inventions we use on a day-to-day basis were created from an individual of like qualities, who believed in their self. Faith and fear cannot co-exist. Failure is not an option if you don't except it. Everything lies in the perception. It's never too late to begin afresh, focused with the right perspective. You were created with purpose and within that purpose is a gift waiting to be discovered. We are all gifted and can obtain a level of success. You must look at the image in the mirror and speak positive “REAL” declarations.

Make sure you stay within your measure of faith, and make sure that your physical efforts match the words of faith you are speaking. If someone declares that they are going to be the CEO of a company and never leaves the house to apply for any jobs, then surely that declaration is far-fetched. If you're seeking to write a novel, screenplay, song, or anything your heart desires, the first step is to believe in yourself and enter the genesis of that idea. The second thing is to make sure your “WORK-HABITS” matches your faith. And remember that a seed sown on good ground will reap a harvest. Sometimes our blessings come when we step out of selfishness and “BE” a blessing to others through our gifts.

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Author's Bio:
Tshombye Kentrell, T.K., Ware raised in Albany, Ga. A young man endowed with creativity and passion moved to the city of Macon Georgia, to continue his education. Upon graduation the creativity began to emerge. Tshombye would often times would drift away and find himself writing from the imagination that lingered within. This led to the creation of a Christian CD entitled “L.O.C” The Love of Christ.

As the years progressed, so did his creativity. Oftentimes Tshombye shared his faith with other students through a gift called “the spoken word.” This particular gift utilized word mingled with rhythm to display a gospel message. As the door to inspiration continued to open, Tshombye became drawn toward writing; which led to his inspired creations.

Author T.K. Ware is currently the Presidential Assistant with Poetry in Motion, a Christian organization that specializes in Christian poetry. Author T.K.Ware also landing a role in a Christian movie entitled “Writing Christmas Cool,” a move about a group of young people coming together to writing an inspiring song while dealing with diverse situations at home.

Best-Selling Author of "A Husband's Love" Other titles include: Caveat of Penitent, Web of Allure, Trial of Injustice, Run the Race: 31 Days of Inspiration.

Upcoming Titles: Portent of Eternity(Dec 2014) If I Could "A Son's Plea(Jan 2015) Battling&Overcoming Self(March 2015)

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      Enjoy your weekend.

    2. Thanks for your kind words, Deanna

  2. I totally agree that our work habits must match our faith. When it comes to writing Ive found that most people prefer to have written.

    1. Interesting observation, Pat. Wonder if it's a desire to glorify/immortalize their names? Like you, I'm trying my best to glorify His name.

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  4. Kendra, thanks for taking the time and reading my insightful words.

  5. Thank you for your encouragng words today T.K. Ware. Your thoughts and words have uplifted my spirits. I would love to read one of your devotionals or books as I know it will continue to uplift me.

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  6. T.K.--thanks for being my guest this past week on Everyone's Story. I've had a lot of feedback from viewers who have said your words were quite uplifting--something that is badly needed these days.

    Thanks too for your generous BookGiveaway. The winner is…

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